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My wife and I were looking for a good baby jogging stroller, but we have some concerns. Everything that we have read states that you should not use a jogging stroller until the child is at least 6 months old. We are active people and would like to take our child for a walk and eventually jog, but are not wanting to buy one stroller for now and then another for later. What stroller would you suggest would be the best for: walking on trails and pavement, and eventually jogging. How does one get a good stroller for all of the uses they need?

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First, let's address your primary concern. Manufacturers state that you should not place a baby in a jogging stroller (if you intend to jog or run), until the baby is six months old or has full neck support. However, this doesn't mean that you can't place the baby in the jogging stroller and walk. You must buy an infant insert or car seat adapter to stabilize the baby's neck. My suggestion is to begin a walking program, until you have the go-ahead from your child's pediatrician, then begin jogging or running. This way, you can buy one baby jogging stroller that will work for you as your child develops. If you are a serious runner and intend to run over bumpy terrain, wait until your child is 6-8 months old.

Since you want to take your stroller on all kinds of surfaces, you will want one with adjustable suspension and treaded wheels. One of the best baby jogging strollers available is the BOB SUS. baby jogging stroller Shown above: The BOB SUS
The BOB has a 3 inch adjustable suspension which means you can run over a 3 inch deep pot hole in the asphalt or a 3 inch rock and the baby won't even feel it. No other stroller has better suspension. (Make sure to buy a car seat adaptor to use this baby jogging stroller for an infant.

The BOB is considered the top of the line. If you'd like something less expensive, there is the Tike Tech. It does not have a car seat adapter, but you can purchase an infant insert and the seat will recline fully. The Tike Tech has treaded tires, a free grab bar, and a free weather shield (which normally must be purchased separately), but it does not have the adjustable suspension of the BOB, nor the sun protection.

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You also might want to consider the Baby Jogger line of strollers. Within this line there are three models, the City (which has a swivel wheel and is NOT recommended for running or jogging, but might be of interest to other parents), the Q series (which folds in a snap—there is a strap in the middle of the seat that you lift up and BOOM, it's folded) and the Performance Series.

baby jogging stroller The Q series can be used for running because it has a fixed wheel in the front. However, the Performance Series Baby Jogging Stroller is considered by many to be THE baby jogging stroller. It has a solid frame and the wheel detaches from the front. This line has a car seat adapter and is one of the better baby jogging strollers that you can buy.

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