Baby Gift Buying Guide - Select the Best Baby Gift for a New Mother

A carefully selected baby gift can make all the difference to an expectant mother. Although there are many cute presents you can buy, we recommend that you do a little research to make your baby shower gift a meaningful purchase and a valued gift.

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, friend or coworker, you will find timeless gift suggestions here.

If the expectant mother is a new mother, she will need practical items like a baby stroller, an advice book on parenting or an infant car seat. The key here is quality and longevity. If you buy a well-made gift, then it will keep on giving as it gets passed down from child to child. If you like to give unique baby gifts, you can still do this by adding a monogram to the item.

The key to buying a cherished baby shower gift is to ask yourself some questions about the mother. Is the expecting mom an athlete? Will she want to get back in shape while caring for her newborn? If so, then a jogging stroller makes an excellent baby gift. If you can't afford to buy a quality baby stroller, then ask some family members, friends or coworkers to pitch in, so you can buy a stroller that will truly fit her needs whether she's a runner or she just wants to take her baby for a leisurely stroll. (See our article on selecting a baby stroller below.)

Buy an infant seat that will ensure the baby's safety. Again, this a gift to buy by chipping in with family members and/or friends. (If the expectant mother has two cars in her family, she may like the convenience of owning two car seats—one for each vehicle—so she doesn't have to switch them back and forth.

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If the mother has concerns about her ability to raise a healthy, happy child, we recommend the award-winning, insightful parenting book, Keepers of the Children. It's the only book that teaches parents how to overcome the negativity from their own upbringing and raise their children to develop their strengths and lead uniquely fulfilling lives. This book shows parents what it really means to be the steward of a child. To purchase, click on the button below:

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