Baby Entertainment: The Zen Baby Video or DVD Creates a Peaceful Experience for Your Child.

Review of Zen Baby--a baby entertainment DVD

Review by Laura Ramirez

Babies are fascinated by nature. The Zen Baby video (also available on DVD) makes for stimulating, yet soothing baby entertainment for your infant or toddler. In fact, you may be surprised to find that it soothes your mind.

The Zen Baby DVD is divided into different segments that make up the things that a baby does throughout the day. For instance, there is a "Good Morning Baby, "Look Up" "Look Down" and a "Let's Play" segment. The video is set to music with engaging images of nature (such as clouds, dandelions, ants, hummingbirds, dragon flies, sunflowers, bees, kitty cats and puppy dogs) and a variety of baby faces of different ethnicities. Your child will be entranced by this delightful form of baby entertainment.

I suggest you use Zen Baby in several important ways:

1. Use baby entertainment time as a bonding tool. Cuddle your child and simply watch the DVD together.

2. Use Zen Baby as a language development tool. As your child watches the screen, name the various elements of nature on the screen. (Since Zen Baby is set to music, you won't have to talk over someone else's dialogue. The only talking is between segments.)

3. Use Zen Baby to reawaken your own sense of wonder of the natural world. In addition to facilitating your openness and flexibility as a parent, it will help you develop that all important skill of attunement and the ability to see the world through your child's eyes.

4. Take your child out in nature with Zen Baby. If you have a portableDVD player, take your child outside in various environments (in the sand on the beach or in the grass under the shade of a tree) and allow her to watch the DVD as she senses the wider world around her.

5. Use Zen Baby to occupy your baby's time while you get work done around the house. Catch up on laundry or cook dinner to the soothing music and you will be energized as your infant is engaged by this baby entertainment tool.

6. Use Zen Baby at the end of the day to wind down and get ready for sleep. It makes a soothing sleepy-time ritual for the whole family.

Although there are a number of baby entertainment DVD's and videos on the market today, Zen Baby gets my highest recommendation for its ability to awaken a sense of wonder and appreciation of the natural world in both child and parent.

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