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In the past, autism treatment has been accomplished primarily with pharmaceutical drugs. In addition to their side-effects, drugs are not always effective. Whenever I weigh giving a child a drug over a natural remedy, I ask myself, "Could my child's symptoms be due to a deficiency in the drug or is it more likely that he is deficient in nutrients?" Although this question is ridiculous because the answer is obvious, it reminds us how the drug companies have programmed us into thinking that drugs are the answer.

Although drugs can minimize symptoms, they rarely affect a cure. In fact, drug companies cannot claim their drugs cure autism and they've made sure through lobbying dollars that companies that make natural medicines can't do so either.

It doesn't take much to realize that natural substances critical for brain development and optimal health could alleviate symptoms and even cure autism.

Since my mission is to help parents find the best resources for raising happy, healthy, caring and resilient kids, I often receive email recommendations from parents who want to share their successes with others. Recently, I have received a number of emails from parents who are using a series of holistic autism treatment products and noticed marked improvements in symptoms of autism.

autism treatment

Let me point out that since autism is a broad spectrum disorder, different children exhibit different symptoms. Because of this, you'll need to write down your child's symptoms and minister to each one individually. Since the autism treatment supplements are holistic, they have no side effects, —your child can take a combination of them, without worries of negative interactions.

To read testimonials from parents of children whose overall function and symptoms have improved markedly using these supplements, go to autism treatment By reading the heart-warming stories of these parents' and childrens' success, you will be inspired to learn which supplements may help your child. You may recognize your child in some of the parents' stories and testimonials. These parents know the pain of this disorder and the joys of small steps and transformations.

Or you can read through the autism symptom list and corresponding treatment below:

Symptom: anxiety

Children who are autistic may experience distress over small changes in their schedule or environment. Although drugs can be effective, they can be addictive and create the need for increased dosages as the child builds up a tolerance. This autism product is an herbal formula that calms and soothes without side effects. Comes in pill or drop form.

Symptoms: mood swings, depression, repetitive behavior, irritability and or angression.

Autism treatment:

These symptoms may be caused by a serotonin imbalance and can be corrected with this autism treatment which has been proven to balance serotonin as effectively as synthetic SSRI's.

Autism symptoms: ADHD-like symptoms of hyperactivity, extreme restlessness and problems of concentration.


Although these are the symptoms normally associated with ADHD, many autistic children exhibit them as well. This autism remedy is an herbal tincture that treats ADHD-like symptoms in both children and adults. (Obviously, this can also be used by children do not have child autism, but have ADHD.)

Symptoms: extreme anger and defiance

This natural autism product helps children who have problems with anger and defiance.

Autism Symptom: tantrums that do not seem to be related to a particular cause

Autism treatment:

Tantrum tamer is a homeopathic remedy which helps kids reduce and/or eliminate these types of tantrums. (Also works for kids who have tantrums who are not autistic.

The remedies may be used alone or in combination. Simply select the symptoms your child exhibits most consistently and click on the related link to read more about the recommended autism treatment.

About the author:

Laura Ramirez is the author of the award-winning book, Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting which combines ancient native concepts (such as stewardship) with heart-centered psychology to teach parents how to raise children to develop their innate strengths and lead uniquely purposeful and fulfilling lives as adults. The book offers a journey of self-discovery for child and parent.

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