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Parents who use this style are responsive to their children's needs but also concerned with raising kids to be socially responsible and respect the limits of others. Such parents teach their children a code of conduct, while encouraging their growth and individuation. Unlike authoritarian parents, they are not strict and do not resort to punitive measures to teach a lesson. Instead, they use discipline to teach their children how to make increasingly better decisions on their own that are based on consideration for others.

Here is an example of how the authoritative parenting styles differs from authoritarian and permissive styles. Imagine that your four-year old child broke an expensive vase in the living room with a plastic bat. The authoritarian parent might scream at the child, punish him severely and make the child feel ashamed. This parent might even issue multiple punishments for one act of misbehavior like spanking the child, grounding the child for a week, taking the bat away, humiliating him, etc.

A permissive parent might not do anything at all, chalking it up to the fact that when kids are around, things will get broken or telling herself that the vase didn't mean that much anyway.

authoritative parenting style

With the authoritative parenting style, the parent would realize that this is an opportunity for the child to learn respect for people's things. This parent would guide the child to learn that it's better to swing a bat outside where there is less risk of hurting other people and their things.

The child would learn that some actions create permanent changes—the vase is shattered and cannot be fixed—while knowing that his parents love for him has not diminished because he broke the vase. As you can see, even though this style requires much more maturity and vision on the part of the parent, it is the most loving way to teach your child how to behave appropriately in a way that does not damage your child's psyche.

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