Authoritarian Parenting Style - Is the Authoritarian Parenting Style Effective

An authoritarian parenting style

is one in which the parents demand obedience and blind compliance from their children. Authoritarian parents have rigid rules with harsh punishments for bending, questioning or disobeying them. Although this style of parenting has been predominant for most of human history, it best serves societies in which children grow up to follow exactly in their parents' footsteps, toiling away their lives in agrarian or industrial societies.

As such, the problem with this parenting style is that children do not learn to think for themselves. Since their will has been broken by their parents' harsh rules and strict punishments, they do not question authority, but comply with it. As children and later as adults, they lack a sense of autonomy, personal freedom and creative expression. They have been treated like empty shells and that's exactly how they feel. Since they have not been encouraged to discover who they are, they are drones and followers. They follow the dictates of society and the norms set by their forefathers.

The rigid structure of authoritarian parenting does not raise children who know how to cope with the demands of today's fast-paced, ever changing society. If you are using this style to raise your children, you may be putting them at a great disadvantage.

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Authoritarian Parenting Style - Parenting Styles


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