At 7 still dependant on adults for bathing, grooming, going to the loo

by Priya
(Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India)


My daughter is going to be 7 in a month. My concern is that she still asks an adult her father or her grandmother whenever she needs to pee, go to the loo or have a bath or eat. By now I feel that she should be able to do the above things without adults helping her.

Secondly, she needs constant attention. she doesn't speak to anyone outside her school or playmates or family members, even those children and family friends she has known for a long time. She does not mix or even venture out if there a new set of children playing outside. Even if she is playing every 10 minutes she pops back to check whether we are still at home or not.

As I am her step-mom if I say something my husband thinks that I am being too strict as she is just a child. Please help.

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