Antagonizing, Manipulative Daughter

Hi Everyone,

I have an 11 year old Daughter with a history of manipulative and antagonistic behavioral issues. (This is my Step-daughter, though I consider her my own.. She has nor wants to have any contact with her bio Dad.)

She seems to enjoy antagonizing me even though my Wife and I have explained to her that I suffer from PTSD and a type of brain tumor. Her manipulation is in the form of lying to her mother and or treating her Mother one way when she's in the room, then acting out towards me as soon as my wife leaves the room or turns her back. It's caused marriage difficulties for us and a nervous breakdown recently for me. My daughter has been to therapists and been on various meds... NOTHING helps.

I try to be as patient and loving as I can but its really tough at times. Can anyone offer advice or guidance?

Thank you,

Concerned Dad

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