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... ranges from regular health checks in the home by licensed medical practitioners to hospitalization. Usually a doctor will create a treatment plan that involves therapy and specific dietary guidelines. If your child's health is at risk, then medical and psychological intervention is a must. But what if you suspect your child or teen is becoming anorexic? This article will explore how love, support and natural remedies may prevent your teen from becoming a full-blown anorexic. It is also a way of nurturing your connection with your child and supporting her growth into a woman.

Since depression is at the root of anorexia (and anti-depressant drugs are used in anorexia treatment), natural formulas that contain herbs which alleviate depression can be very helpful. Herbs like lavendar, lemon balm and more may help to ease the mind and soothe the nerves. Other herbs like St. John's Wort can stabilize mood and improve self-esteem. In addition to this, herbs that relax the body and mind and support normal sleep patterns can give the body the rest it needs to recuperate and give rise to a healthy attitude and therefore, a healthy appetite. In order for your teen to overcome her eating disorder and avoid anorexia treatment, her underlying depression must be treated. If she has been depressed for awhile, her brain will need the nourishment that allows it to recover.

The following herbal formulations have been recommended by our subscribers. They are natural and homeopathic, so they have no side effects. Mindsoothe helps alleviate depression, insomnia, obsessive/compulsive disorders and anxiety. PureCalm treats anxiety and creates a sense of serenity. Both supplements work by supporting healthy feel-good neurotransmitters in the brain, such as serotonin and dopamine. When the brain is given the nutrients it needs, it can heal the damage caused by restrictive eating and living in a constant state of depression and anxiety. For more info on these products, please click on their respective links.

Anorexia Treatment at Home

anorexia treatment

If you suspect your teen or tween may be developing anorexia, what are the warning signs? Look for eating behaviors that seem compulsive, a sudden decrease in food intake, sneaky behavior when it comes to food (especially the desire to eat alone, so restrictive eating can be kept secret), clothes that used to fit, but are baggy now or other indications that weightloss is a bit extreme.

What do you do if you think your child is developing a problem?

  • If you suspect your child is developing anorexia, start by trying Mindsoothe and PureCalm to help relieve anxiety and create a sense of calm so your child will be more receptive to the talks you must begin to have.
  • Research the facts about anorexia, so you'll have some information to back up your caring and supportive discussions with your child.
  • Model a healthy relationship with food to help your teen remember what it was like to follow her natural urge for hunger and eat healthy food until satisfied.
  • Help your child develop good coping skills in areas in which you think she has issues.
  • Help her feel good about herself for who she is, rather than what she looks like.
  • Expose the media and its tendency to portray women as sex objects. Note that all women have imperfections and very few can look like the model-perfect women portrayed in movies on t.v. and in magazines. Have your teen read stories of some of the models who have sacrificed their health to be ugly-skinny and how they healed themselves.
  • Read my award-winning parenting book for guidance on how to create a healthy, supportive family environment and a close, loving relationship with your child.
  • Turn meal times into supportive and fun family gatherings. If your teen is relaxed and having fun, she will naturally want to eat.

(Warning: If your child continues to deny that there is a problem or makes excuses when you point out the results of her anorexic behavior, take her to a doctor for a medical check immediately.)

Continue to pay attention to your teen and note her progress. Celebrate her emerging womanhood and each small success as she climbs out of the hell hole that is anorexia. Be glad that you were able to nip it in the bud and celebrate how much closer you have become by struggling through this experience together. Remind your teen that if she can overcome an eating disorder like anorexia, she can do most anything. She is strong and so is your relationship.

About the author: Laura Ramirez is the winner of the award-winning parenting book, Keepers of the Children which teaches parents how to raise children to progressively become aware of who they are and what their strengths are so they can use them to create meaningful and fulfilling lives and make unique contributions to society.

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