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( Arizona, USA)

My 10 year old nephew is an angry kid and argues constantly with his mother. He attacks and threatens his smaller male cousin and makes remarks such as "I want to kill you", "I want to get rid of you", "I hate you".

He also has a two year-old sister that he has threatened to kill because he doesn't like her. He has been taken to a psychologist in the past and it appeared that help had been reached. Unfortunately this is starting all over again.

His mother is really not wanting to face the fact that he has a mental problem, however her sister keeps a vigilant eye over her eight year old son.

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Jan 02, 2011
Help Angry Kids
by: Laura Ramirez

You are right to seek help for your nephew. These kind of threats do not improve with time, but only escalate as the child gets bigger, stronger and more capable of carrying them out. One way to help angry kids is through an at-home behavioral program that shows parents how to curb these behaviors and teach kids that abuse is not acceptable no matter what. The good thing about such a program is that it gives parents tools for using in the home, rather than having to seek outside help.

You may want to refer your nephew's mother to the link listed above. Whatever course of action she takes, I hope she gets this child help. She deserves to have a peaceful, happy home and the child deserves to learn how to deal with his anger in a way that is not destructive or threatening to others.

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