Angry, irritated and sensitive

My 8 year old son is a good boy. He gets good grades and doesn't get into trouble at school. At home though he seems to get very irritated and angry when he has to do chores, when his behavior is corrected and especially when he can't get a toy or something he wants. He says his sister annoys him. He's always telling her what to do, arguing with her and says she annoys him (His sister is 4 going on 5) He also is very sensitive. When we say something to him he doesn't like or even raise our tone of voice a little he cries like he's really just tearing up inside. After the scene I comfort him and explain to him why he was in trouble in the first place and he's okay after that but it seems like before we know it he's back at being irritated and angry about something else. Is this normal?

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