Natural Allergy Relief for Children and Adults

Allergy Relief from an Allergy Remedy that's as Natural as the Air You Breathe

by Laura Pickford RamirezIf your child suffers from constant sneezing and sniffing, then you're probably looking for an allergy remedy, if not a cure. Childhood allergies can crop up any time. A child can suddenly become allergic to a substance that caused no reaction in the past. Prescription drugs, toxins in your environment and chemicals in your food can cause severe allergic reactions. This is why it's important to understand how allergies work and have a natural allergy relief remedy on hand to treat them.

My eldest son, Dakotah, suffers from allergies. Every morning, he awakens and sneezes fifteen to twenty times in succession. He has to carry tissue with him everywhere because he suffers from constant post-nasal drip. While his allergies don't stop him from playing sports, they are a hindrance. It's a struggle to do your best when you're feeling miserable. Allergy relief should be a priority for the parent of every allergy sufferer.

Like most concerned moms, I took my son to the pediatrician to see if she knew how my son could get allergy relief. The physician prescribed Claritin®.

When I asked her if it had any side effects, she shook her head, but I found out later that giving Claritin to a child under twelve can damage the liver. Although I had the prescription filled, I doled it out only when my son needed emergency allergy relief. As a doctor friend pointed out, "Your child doesn't suffer from allergies because he's deficient in Claritin. Maybe you should find a natural allergy remedy -- a means of boosting his immune system, so he's less likely to react to certain allergens."

Since this comment made perfect sense to me, that's exactly what I did. I read books on naturopathy, I researched herbology and looked into holistic medicine. I tried a series of things that provided temporary allergy relief, but did not prevent my son from experiencing the reactions or the headaches. Recently, I came found two allergy relief products that have actually worked and that I would like to share with you, so you can help relieve your children's suffering (and yours, if you have allergies).

I tested one product on my son. I had a friend test the other on her daughter. Let's talk about the product I had my friend test first. It is called AllergiClear for Natural Allergy Relief and is an herbal, homeopathic product. According to my friend the relief her daughter has experienced has been nothing short of miraculous. Some of the things she liked best about it is that it stopped her daughter's dependence on antihistamines and seemed to improve her overall resistance to disease (before using the product, in addition to having allergies, she was always getting sick), in addition to eradicating her symptoms. Since it is an all-natural product, there are no side effects. The price for this is $36.95 and it is worth every penny. Since this time, I've recommended this product to other friends who had very positive outcomes. This product is also very effective for adults.

Note: Many children who have allergies also have problems with eczema. For those who do, < a href="" target="new">ClearSkin-E will clear it up in no time.

One other thing concerned parents may want to consider is beefing up your child's immunity with vitamins that will counteract a tendency to catch every cold or flu virus that goes around. In my family, we use Kiddie Boost which I highly recommend. It will cut down on missed school days (and missed work days for you) and your children will be healthier and happier to boot.

Another take on allergy relief:

The product I tried on my son is an allergy relief product that has completely eliminated his allergies. Not only did his symptoms subside within two days of taking the product, it also happened at the height of the allergy season in Nevada. (September is when the wild Nevada sage blooms and the saying goes, "If you're not allergic to it yet, you will be.")

The allergy relief product I've been giving my son is called Oxygen Elements Plus It is an all natural supplement that contains a propriety blend of ionic trace elements, fruit acids, rice vinegar, hydrogen sulfate, purified water, amino acids and minerals. The key factor in the proprietary blend is a mix of deuterium and sulfur. Deteurium is a non-reactive isotope of hydrogen that splits apart the hydrogen and oxygen molecules in water and delivers pure oxygen to the cells. Since this blend delivers oxygen straight to the cells, it is also delivering other nutrients directly to the cells.

Many people don't understand that anaerobic pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, fungus and cancer cells cannot live in the presence of oxygen. As a nurse who works in the medical research field put it, "It's so simple. I don't know why I never thought of it before. When we're working with cell cultures in the lab, if we want the cells to mutate, we turn down the oxygen. To stop them, we turn it up." This is why oxygenating your cells is so important to allergy relief. Unfortunately, the oxygen levels in our environment have greatly diminished due to the destruction of the rain forests and pollution of the oceans. In prehistoric times, the oxygen content of the atmosphere was 45-50%. Today, the oxygen levels in our atmosphere are down to about 21%.

While there are all kinds of oxygen therapies available, such as ozone therapy or multi step therapies, they are expensive, require the expertise of a medical professional and can't be done at home. In contrast, Oxygen Elements Plus is inexpensive ($29.95 for a one ounce bottle) and is administered simply by mixing a few drops of the solution into an 8 ounce glass of water. Since no pills are involved, it is an allergy relief and cure that is palatable for young children. Since it makes the water taste sweet, children like it. In my son's case, I gave him two drops in an 8 ounce glass of water. Alternatively, it can be mixed into a glass of juice.

The propriety blend of deuterium and organic sulfur deliver oxygen to the cells and helps nutrients absorb more readily. Since the supplement increases the bioavailability of nutrients to the cells, it's a smart way to take your vitamins in the morning.

allergy relief

In addition to its internal use for allergy relief and other ailments, the supplement can be used topically to treat fungus and infected wounds. My husband has Type I diabetes and is prone to fungal infections. Last year, he slipped and broke his ankle

and in addition to the surgery, pain of recovery and long healing process, he developed a thick fungus around the scar on his ankle. We tried everything from over-the-counter medicine to prescribed antifungal creams. By applying one drop of Oxygen Elements directly to the infected area and spreading it around with my finger, I was able to help my husband heal this fungus that has been plaguing him for a year. Be aware that applying it directly to an open wound will make it sting like crazy, but the direct application of oxygen to the infected tissues will destroy any pathogens and allow healing to occur.

The trace elements in this supplement are derived from the ocean because ocean sources yield the cleanest trace elements found on earth. Trace elements from the ocean are lower in undesirable heavy minerals. Since our bodies are chemically similar to ocean water (remember embryonic fluid is essentially salt water), ocean-derived elements are better for the human body. Compare this to land-sourced trace elements, which can have a high level of undesirable heavy metals. For example trace elements derived from shale beds or peat bogs can contain high levels of aluminum, antimony, arsenic, cadmium, lead, radon and more.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of Oxygen Elements Plus to childhood allergy sufferers and everyone else is that it detoxifies your body at the cellular level. This is important because your body is designed only to digest food. In today's world, there are all kinds of chemicals and contaminates in our food. Since the body can't digest these, it stores them in the organs. Depending upon how clogged up your system is, you might experience a detoxification effect when first taking Oxygen Elements PlusTM internally, which is why it's best to start out children with one drop per eight ounce glass and adults with 2-3 drops. The only way to eliminate toxic non-food substances from your body is through the process of oxidation.

With the coming flu season, Oxygen Elements Plus is an important supplement to have on hand. Use it for allergy relief or to treat skin fungus, bacterial infections and the common cold.

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