(Madison Wi USA)

Son, "Somethin happened on the Green dot bus today. I don't know what it was. I got this letter. I didn't read it, it's for you."

Me, "Oh."

(actual letter)

Dear Parents,

I hope this letter finds you well. I'm writing to inform you of an event that happened on the Green dot bus this morning. The police were called regarding a parent who was upset with other students who she thought were bullying her child. The parent attempted to enter the bus, yelled and created a disturbance. The bus driver immediately called the police and they responded quickly. The students who rode the Green dot bus arrived only a few minutes late for school and followed their regular schedule upon arrival. The incident was upsetting to everyone involved, but the children's safety was not jeopardized. Mrs. Whacker, school social worker, spoke to the students who were upset when they arrived. The police are continuing their investigation and appropriate action will be taken.

Me, "Oh."

Son, "What happened on the Green dot bus?"

Me, "Well the bad news is somebody's mom could be on drugs, needs to be on drugs, or was having a really bad morning and may have been arrested."

Son, "Oh that's bad."

Me, "Yeh, well, the good news is it wasn't mommy."

Daughter, "Yeh cuz we don't take the bus."

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