Aggressive Toddler

Aggressive Toddler

My son just turned one. He is a good baby but lately he has been pushing the limits. He will pull my hair and hit me and bite. When he does it he will say "ouch" because i say "ouch, no thank you."

I've tried putting my hand out and saying "no" "stop." once I even tried tapping his hand and saying "no, be kind." He hit his hand after and said ouch.

Recently, I have tried saying no thank you and when he doesn't listen I put him on a play mat against the wall and keep him there for one minute or so, but his fit gets worse.

I'm not sure if I should continue with the baby time outs or try something new. He also pulls his own hair and hits himself when he is angry.

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May 29, 2010
Dealing with Toddlers
by: Laura Ramirez

Dealing with toddlers can be challenging because you need to build a bridge of communication and get them to understand how their behavior impacts those around them.

I would exclaim, "Ouch! You hurt mommy," and then make a sad face to help him connect his acting out of aggressive impulses to the fact that he is hurting the person who takes care of him. Not sure why you would say, "No thank you" to him. No one in the real world would ever say that in response to someone causing them physical harm.

I suggest you read this book about dealing with toddlers which teaches you how to use NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to talk to your child so he will understand what you mean.

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