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Advertising Information and Disclosures

This web site accepts various forms of paid advertising, sponsorships, paid text links and other forms of compensation. To read more about this, continue on. If you are interested in finding out about advertising on our site, skip to the last section.

About Sponsored Content and Affiliate Links

When you click on certain links on this site and purchase products, we earn a small commission from the sale. This is the same price you would pay if you had purchased the product directly from the manufacturer. It's important for you to know that it takes a lot of time and effort to create and run a site like this and by purchasing products from the sites that we link to, you help support this site and make it possible for us to continue to develop quality content in the future.

If someone sends us a product to review that we do not like or do not believe to be of value to our web visitors and subscribers, we will not write a post about it because we only publish honest recommendations on products we think are valuable, rather than criticizing a product that we do not like.


We do display third party advertisements on our site, for example, Ads by Google, which are clearly marked. In this case, we cannot directly control the ads displayed although we are confident that these advertisers are policed by Google and other third party advertisers, so that any companies making outrageous claims are prohibited from advertising. We do make a small commission when you click on these ads.


For those who would like to advertise on this site, we charge a monthly fee for text links, banner ads or product giveaways with a 3 month minimum commitment. This site is full of quality content and continues to grow in traffic each month, so your investment in advertising should be a good one, although advertising is always a risk and we make no guarantees of any kind. To find out about advertising, simply fill out the form below and in the comments section, tell us about your product.

If you would like us to endorse your product, then you must send us a sample. We will not endorse any product that we do not believe will be valuable to our web visitors or subscribers, so submitting a product for review or endorsement does not signify a guarantee of any kind. After a review is completed, the product will be donated to a local charity.

To find out more about advertising or endorsements, fill out the form below. All fields are required to submit the form.

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