Adult Step Children Visiting Every 2 months or more

My husband has 3 sons and I have 2 sons, all of them are grown and married except one. I am obviously his second wife.

I have problems with my husband thinking that I am a maid to them. The youngest son (47) and his wife and baby now constantly come whenever they want to and stay from mostly Thursday until Sunday morning.

My home is in a shamble when they are here. The son's wife (he's past 45 and she's around 26 or 27) has never even washed a dish in my home. They have been engracing my home like this even before they were married since 2004. And now they have a baby.

My husband and I argue all of the time about this but it has not stopped. I have even told them this is too much on me. My children do not do this type of behaviour.

They invite themselves for all holidays. And then say.. the holidays are not like they used to be. My thing is you have your own family make your own holiday the way you want it.

I love my husband ( he is older than I am also). My responsibility is my husband, not his grown sons and their wives. The oldest son is 51 the youngest is 47.

I am about ready to throw in the towel...because know one listens or cares.

They were just here the last of July going into they will be coming again Oct the 6th...I am tired and displaced. They have been SELFISH people including my husband.

They go from our home to home family home a four hour drive every month. I get so tired of hearing that he wants to pamper his wife because she gets tired.

That is not my responsibility..I have worked 36 years of my life and have raised twin boys as a single parent. I'm Tired Too.

HELP ME...what do you offer...ANYONE

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