Adult Daughter Wants To Go on Vacation with Boyfriend

by bill

My daughter who is 25 years old, living at home, responsible for her own bills wants to go on a vacation with a guy of the same age. They have been going out about 3 months. She asked my approval and i am in a dilemma. I was married at 23. so me and my wife are still young. I am Greek and She is Italian, we both come from a very strict background. What you think i should tell her?

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Jan 29, 2012
Adult Daughter Wants to Vaction with Her Boyfriend
by: Laura Ramirez

Your adult daughter wants to vacation with her boyfriend and has asked for your approval. I think it's important for you to tell her how you feel without making her feel bad about any decision that she might make to go forward. Perhaps she's asking you out of respect for your feelings or maybe she's asking because she feels conflicted about the idea (maybe she wants to go, but the idea conflicts with her values), but since she's come to you, the best thing is to tell her how you feel. At the same time, I think it's important to acknowledge that she is a responsible adult woman who has the right to make choices for herself and also be accountable for those choices. The fact that she asked your opinion in the first place is an honor, so cherish it. She obviously respects you and what you stand for.

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