Adult Children Who Can't Find Jobs

by Jewel
(Kentucky (USA))

Adult Children Who Can't Find Jobs

My only "child" will be 23 in less than a month. He has been searching for employment almost 16 months. During those months, he has worked for a temp company and had numerous interviews. But, so far there have been no job offers. He is very discouraged.

My questions are the following:

1). Should I help him by filling out applications and writing resumes?

2). If you answer yes to the first question, what else is acceptable?

3). Has job hunting changed to the point that employers do NOT want to receive calls from possible candidates? That's what he believes.

4). How should I encourage him to "keep looking" when his age group, 16 - 25, has much higher unemployment than any other?

I'm sure that this is something that you don't normally deal with, but the number of unemployed adult children living with their parents is growing. My son doesn't have four years of college, but many others do. Such an article would help plenty of parents and their 20-something "children."

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