Adult children may be living with parents, because it is a cultural thing and not a negative thing.


It's interesting to see people's perspectives on living with Adult Children.

When I graduated from College in 1982, it was assumed that I was going to live at home until I got married; after all, that was exactly what my parents did.

Was I just a product of parents who grew up in the 40's & 50's? No, I tried to move out and I even found a few apartments that I wanted my folks to see. However, my mother was insulted that I would think of moving out: she loved everyone home and it was very easy to live at home. Dad was supportive either way, but I do feel he also felt it wasn't right to move out so early in our work life. He justified it by saying, it was a way that we could save money and I did. When I moved out, several years later, I did have a nice savings allowing me to buy a condo within a year of moving out.

Oh, I re-read your post...and see that you may have a political slant here, knocking where the economy is and an advert. about, I guess this may not be posted since my letter does not go into the negative state of affairs.

I am just talking about living with one's parents as a positive thing before marriage or early in one's work life to save money or because one needs to assist another due to a handicap of some sort. (I guess the cause of why someone is living with a family member was primary to what this website was about verses what the issues were such as how are they getting along, respect that goes on in the household, budgeting concerns, etc. In fact, a second reading of this article gives a whole different voice to the article.)

Okay, I gotta go. Good luck.

--CR from MA dtd 1/15/2012

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Jan 16, 2012
Living with Adult Kids
by: Laura Ramirez

It is true that living with parents until you marry is encouraged by some cultures, especially those with a strong focus on family, for instance, the Native American and mexican cultures. For other families, it is a love of togetherness ... they enjoy having a family compound and adult children and grandchildren are always welcome home. For others, who encourage their kids to leave the nest and strike out on their own, living with grown children has become a necessity due to the economy and lack of jobs for high school and college graduates.

I'm not sure which "advert" you referring to, but any ads appearing on the page are automatically served by Google and are only filtered to keep this a family friendly site. There was no "slant" to the article as you claim. If you took offense to a political ad (I'm guessing this was what led to your accusation because I have no idea what your reference to Romney was all about) that just happened to be served to the page when you were reading the article, then you need to know that this article was written to inform, rather than to sell anything in particular. I have written hundreds of articles for this site which I freely share with parents around the world and like anyone else, I do need to put food on the table. I do not place ads on my pages nor do I have individual control of the ads that appear as long as they fit Google's criteria of "family friendly."

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