adult child a loner

I have a son who just turned 27. He has always been highly intelligent. He has graduated with a bachelors and is finishing up his masters program in statistics. He is a good kid but very antisocial. A loner...he gets very depressed and lives by himself. Hard for him to relate with people. Talks about things that don't interest most people.

I have thought that he might have a mild case of aspergers(sp). Is there anything we can do to help him. He will start looking for a career job in the next month or 2 as he finishes his masters orals. I really do feel for him. He has asked others to do activities with him but most always gets turned down. He is very handsome and takes very good care of himself.

I often have wanted him to visit with someone, counselor, psychologist, etc just to determine if there is anything that he can get help with to help him. However, we do not want to alarm insurance company of anything until he has a job.

Any help at all would be appreciated.

Thank you so much.


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