Adopted son, and his sister that were not raised together acting like boyfriend and girlfriend

We adopted our son when he was 14 months old, he was the only one that we adopted after he was 18 we helped him find his sisters and mother, the one sister that is his 100% sister have a bond and closeness that is unnatural, she is married but left her husband for another guy and came to live near us, she had her boyfriend help her to find him again, the first time we had to pick him up from visiting her because her husband was afraid something would happen between them and he said they were all over each other, that was years ago now she is back in his life and we think that she may be pregnant by her brother our adopted son, her boyfriend got into trouble and went to jail and while he was gone we let her spend the weekends with us letting them know that they were not to do anything and that they can't be boyfriend and girlfriend the sister acted like that was not even possible so I thought we were safe, now we find out that she got pregnant while her boyfriend was in jail, they still both say they didn't do anything but her boyfriend thinks they did and that it is her brothers baby, he is very hurt and wants a dna test and when he finds out for sure he will leave her and not look back if it is not his which he feels it is not his and I have to agree, I am sick over this and it is a mothers worse nightmare! we have our own daughter now (she is 3)that took us 24 years to have and we don't want her knowing about this if she is pregant so I am not sure what to do, I don't know if I can handle them having a baby together, I believe that they are both a product of incest, I was told by her mother in law when we pick our son up that first time that there grandfather is in jail for molesting her his sister and that he is both there fathers, I didn't sign up for this kind of suff! and I am at my wits end, I am worry about the baby and what is going to happen to it, will it be deformed or have mental problems they both have big learning dis. and bi-polar, my son had a.d.h.d. when he was little but grew out of the hyperness and turned lazy, he also has a explosive disorder he takes meds everyday to keep him under control and my son is in a state run apartment because he can't live on his own and I am beginning to think that his sister needs the same thing. I don't know if I can take it if my son fathers a child with his sister, but I am pretty sure that he has,His sister has been calling us mom and dad and I really don't think that I will be able to look at them together if this nightmare is really true! her boyfriend is insisting on a dna test before the baby is born. They don't know what they are in for!

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