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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder makes it hard for children to control their impulses and/or pay attention. Although it is a disorder that is usually diagnosed during the preschool and elementary school years, it can continue into adulthood.

In this forum, you can post questions and concerns about Attention Deficit Disorder or if you are raising a child who has it and you have important tips to share with other parents, please feel free to add your wisdom to this site, so together, we can create a resource that is accessible to parents around the world.

Recently, we learned of an effective tool to help kids learn how to control their impulses and behaviors. It's called Total Focus and it works by teaching kids how to control their impulses and behaviors. If you're a parent who is searching for an alternative to drugs, this is a great way to teach your child skills that will serve him now and throughout his life.

Many of the parents who are using the behavioral program above, are also supplementing their child's diet with Focus Formula a 100% natural supplement that regulates emotion, supports the body's natural ability to concentrate, facilitates calmness and balances mood. Using a behavioral/nutritional program gives the brain the nutrients and the training it needs to function properly. This is a potently effective combination.

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Note: We are looking for an ADHD expert to monitor this forum. You do not need to be a medical expert to apply. If you have knowledge about this disorder (for instance, if you're a parent who is raising a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), apply by using the Contact Us link on the navigation bar to the left. Although this is a volunteer position, you will have the chance to pay it forward and network with other parents who face the struggles you and your child have faced.

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