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If you're considering ADHD therapy for your child as a supplement to or in the place of medication, you may be wondering how effective it really is. In this article, you will learn about two approaches to ADHD alternative therapy that have been creating marked improvements in behavior.

Currently, there are two approaches to treating ADHD that do not involve prescription medications. One is behavioral and involves teaching your child coping skills that will help him learn how to focus and control his impulses. The other is nutritional and requires supplying the brain with nutrients that support optimal brain function.

ADHD Alternative Therapy: The Behavioral Approach

This method of treating ADHD involves showing parents how to teach their children to concentrate, follow through and complete tasks and learn how to control impulses and behaviors, minimizing outbursts and disruptions. Giving a child the techniques to calm himself means that he can do this any time and anywhere. Perhaps the best thing about this form of ADHD therapy is that you're teaching your child life skills, rather than medicating him into a zombie state.

Teaching your child the techniques that will help him improve his life is also a great way to bond with him. To read more about these techniques, click on change adhd behavior.

ADHD Therapy: The Nutritional Approach

This method uses natural remedies to give the brain the nutrition it needs to grow, develop and perform at its best. Ingredients like verta alb,arson iod, tuberculinum and hyoscyamus are combined in a synergistic way to effect healing without side-effects.

Since these herbs may be unfamiliar to you, here is a short list of what they do: hyocyamus decreases hyperactive behaviors. tuberculinum alleviates boredom and feelings of discontent, arsen iod promotes a sense of balance, reducing temper tantrums and frustration (which means learning can occur!) and verta alb is known to calm the nerves.

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Of course when using any remedy, natural or otherwise, make sure you have researched it carefully and that it has been FDA-approved. Read about about a product I researched for my friend whose son was recently diagnosed with ADHD. This natural supplement is called BrightSpark. It's FDA approved and has also been recommended to me by many other parents which is how I first found out about it.


Unlike drugs, neither of these ADHD therapy solutions (behavioral or nutritional) has side-effects and each can be used in conjunction with the other. In fact, a two-pronged approach may be most effective because it helps your child in two important ways: giving him much needed nutrients and teaching him life skills that he can use now and in the future.

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About the author: Laura Ramirez is the author of the award-winning parenting book, Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting.

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