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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) affects 5% of all children. Sometimes, it is misdiagnosed and treatment plans don't always work. Even drugs are not always effective and many children cannot tolerate the side effects.

ADHD is frustrating for the parents, but equally frustrating for the child who cannot seem to focus or control his or her own behavior. Additionally, teachers, doctors and other professionals become frustrated too. In order to help the child, all the adults in a child's life must come together and begin to understand the available treatment options.

ADHD parenting

ADHD parenting ... What You Can Do to Help

If your child has ADHD, he needs your understanding, help and patience. Rather than punishing him for behavior that he cannot control, parents need to find out how to help their child. As the aunt of a child who has ADHD and someone who has done a lot of research on this subject, my goal is to help you better understand ADHD and the treatment options available.

The symptoms seen most often with ADHD are impulsivity, hyperactivity and inability to focus and stay on task. Children show these symptoms differently. For instance, some may get bored easily or be sidetracked when doing their homework. Others have a tendency to be hyperactive.

Impulsive behaviors are sometimes hard to identify. We all act without thinking at times which is one reason, impulsivity in ADHD is difficult to diagnose, especially since these characteristics are present in all of us from time to time.

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ADHD parenting ... ask yourself if your child's behavior is interfering with success in school and relationships with family, friends and teachers.

When a child's hyperactivity, inability to focus or hyperactivity starts to affect how well he does in school or his relationship with family and friends, it's time to seek professional help. This does not necessarily mean that your child needs medicine. Sometimes, parents and doctors turn to prescription medicines, without considering other options.

In fact, many parents have written me to say that the best treatment they have found for treating ADHD is a combination of natural remedies and behavioral therapy.

Natural remedies work to suppress the symptoms of ADHD, just like drugs, but unlike drugs they have no side-effects. Since natural remedies contain ingredients that actually heal the brain and restore proper function, with continued use, eventually, your child will no longer need to take them. In this way, natural remedies are more effective than drugs because, unlike natural remedies, drugs are not a cure.

What a growing number of parents have found is that behavioral therapy is also effective, especially when used in combination with natural remedies. Together, these two treatments work to heal and retrain the brain.

Behavioral therapy is important because it teaches your child how to control his impulses, reduce outbursts, focus and stay on task. Teaching your child these skills also means that you're giving him coping strategies that he can use throughout his life.

The great thing is that you don't have to go to a therapist to teach your child the skills that will help him succeed. In fact, the program that parents have recommended to me is called Total Focus and it's a program that you can use in the comfort and privacy of your home. It comes with an easy-to-follow workbook and CDs.

Good ADHD parenting means teaching your child the skills that will help him or her control his or her behavior

The program was developed by a child psychologist, Dr Myers, who created it to help his own son, who had ADHD. After proving the success of his method with his own son,Dr. Myers, used his program to help thousands of children in his private practice.

Since my husband has been a behavioral therapist for the past thirty years, we ordered the program and checked it out together. It's an excellent system that you can go through with your child which will teach her or him how to put the brakes on impulsivity, how to get back on task, how to focus and how to make the choices that will prevent outbursts.

Since all of us can show the symptoms of ADHD from time to time, I think the program is good for parents too because all of us can benefit from learning how to better control our impulses. In fact, my husband and I both learned some important lessons from this program.

The other benefit of the program is one that you may not have considered. By taking the time to teach your child coping skills that he can use to immediately improve his or her life, you will be creating a closer parent-child bond. Plus, as he puts these strategies to work, he'll have more respect for you because you've given him the tools for a better life.

Parenting ADHD - have you considered a holistic approach?

I like this approach to treating ADHD because it means treating the whole person. The natural remedies give the brain the nutrients it needs to heal itself and the behavioral program teaches your child the coping skills that will create new pathways in his or her brain and create a happier life.

Both product have an easy return policy. The natural remedies are backed by a one-year, unconditional money-back guarantee. And you can receive the behavioral program at no charge for the first 30-days ... all you have to do is pay for the shipping.

My advice is try this combination before you turn to drugs. If your child is already on ADHD medication, you can still use natural remedies (because they do not interact with drugs) and the life-changing behavioral program because learning how to control behavior is helpful for everyone.

You and your family will be glad you tried this holistic approach.

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