What Parents Can Do about ADHD Behavior Problems

ADHD behavior problems can be frustrating for parents and for kids. Since these problems can affect a child's ability to learn and do well in school and his relationships with others, it is essential to learn the best strategies for dealing with them. In this article, you'll learn three important ways that you can help your child cope with and get beyond these issues.

ADHD emotional problems can show themselves in the form of irritability, mood swings, outbursts, tantrums and aggressive behavior. Although these are symptoms of the dysfunction caused by ADHD, there are many researchers who believe that this is also a sign of malnutrition. This doesn't mean that you are starving your child, but that your child's brain is not getting the nutrients it needs to create a relaxed, happy state of mind which should be the norm during childhood.

This is why good nutrition is so important. The food we eat is our medicine: it creates the nutrients that produce energy and feel-good neurotransmitters in the brain. If you are feeding your child a junk food diet that is made from chemicals that make ADHD emotional problems worse, then this becomes a vicious circle. Instead of fast food or food packed with preservatives, dyes and additives, choose lean meat, heart-healthy oils like olive oil, whole grains (like whole wheat and whole grain rice) and lots of leafy greens and other vegetables. Fresh fruit in season can make for a delicious, naturally sweet dessert.

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Let's face it: mineral-depleted soils, pesticides and pollutants in the environment mean that children are no longer getting the phytochemicals that can help heal brain function and stop ADHD behavior problems in their tracks. This is why adding a natural remedy to a healthy diet is essential. Of course, it's even more important if your child is still eating junk food. These remedies are completely natural and formulated specifically to treat ADHD symptoms and restore proper brain function, so that eventually, your child can stop taking them.

Look for a remedy that contains herbs like Verta Alb, Hyoscyamus and Tuberculinum which have been proven clinically effective to curb ADHD behavior problems by creating a relaxed sense of awareness which increases concentration, impulse control and the ability to take a task to its completion. These herbs also suppress hyperactivity, mood swings, agitation and more. Since they have no side effects and do not interact negatively with other drugs, they can be used safely in all situations. The natural supplement that I recommend to friends and family is also FDA-approved.

In addition to feeding your child a good diet and a quality supplement, ADHD emotional problems can also be minimized by teaching your child coping skills that will help him make good choices even under stress. Find yourself a good at-home behavioral therapy program. The one that I recommend was developed by a therapist who wanted to teach his son with ADHD coping skills that he could use throughout his life. Taking a two-pronged approach (a nutritional supplement plus coping skills) is part of a skills-not-prescription-pills approach to getting your child back on track so he can enjoy a happy, normal childhood and excel at school, in relationships and at home.

Read my review of Total Focus, an at-home behavioral program that will teach your child skills that will help him cope with ADHD, focus and make good choices and that will serve him throughout his life.

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