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ADHD Alternative Treatment
As a parent with a diagnosed ADHD child, you may be searching for an alternative to drugs. If so, your dedication to your child's best interests shows. Rather than simply following doctor's orders, you are asking questions and seeking answers. I, for one, applaud your efforts.

Many parents have written to tell me about a holistic medicine they have given their children which has worked to help their symptoms subside or completely disappear within 1-2 weeks. Although this seems incredible, the testimonials of caring (and very excited!) parents speak for themselves. Before I tell you what this adhd alternative treatment is, let me emphasize why you do not want to put your child on ritalin or any other ADHD drug unless absolutely necessary.

Peter Breggin, pediatrician and author, said it best, "Ritalin use makes good caged animals ... " Of course, I have to qualify this statement by putting it in perspective. Breggin is not against ADHD medications per se, but against their overuse. For children with a serious brain development disorder, ADHD medications may be necessary. But for children who have a problem focusing or periods of hyperactivity (as opposed to just being an active and spirited child), the drug can be dangerous. According to Breggin, " . . . animals who are given the drug, stop playing; they stop being curious; they stop socializing . . . "

Obviously, we don't want our children to stop playing, socializing or being curious. Curiosity is essential to the developing brain and if socialization doesn't occur during the school years, the child may have serious issues later on. And, of course, playing is child's work.

Now that I've made a case against drugging children who may well respond to a natural supplement, I encourage you to try it. I suggest you try a one-month supply and note behavioral changes in your child. To determine if the adhd alternative treatment is working, actually write down the changes in your child as you see them occuring, so you can assess progress accurately. If you notice positive changes, be sure to write me, so we can share your child's improvements with other parents, so they can help their children in turn. Let's work to share our resources and knowledge and give our children our very best. Try the ADHD alternative treatment recommended by other parents.

adhd alternative treatment

Another resource to use in conjunction with nutrition are behavioral tools. We have received glowing testimonials from parents who seeing marked improvements in the children by giving them supplements in conjunction with using an at-home behavioral program called Total Focus that teaches parents how to show their child to calm himself and focus. Once you're taught your child these techniques, he can use them anyway, whether you're there or not. After all I've learned about ADHD alternative treatments, I truly believe that what works are a combination of behavioral tools and supplements that support healthy brain function.

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