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Family Matters - Video Games and the Developing Brain
March 07, 2007
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Violent Video Games & the Growing Brain

Violent Video Games and the Developing Brain

This month's issue features an important article that all parents should read. It's about violent video games and media and how they affect a child's growing brain. Today, scientific researchers have the ability to use medical technology to see which activity centers in the brain are activated and which are de-activated when children are exposed to violence. Reading this article will give you insight into the behavioral changes you witness after your child has been watching t.v. or playing internet or console video games.

As part of the article, I am asking for your input. Please complete the brief survey at the end of the article to tell me how you handle video games and media violence in your home. Where appropriate, I will add your comments and insights to the next article in the series. Please take the time to share your thoughts and feelings, as they are valuable to me and to other parents. Before you click on the link to read the article, be sure to read the announcements below.

Parenting Article on Video Games and the Developing Brain


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Feel free to forward a copy of this issue to your friends and family as long as you forward it in its entirety.

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