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Internet & Video Games & the Growing Brain
February 14, 2007
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Internet, Media, Video Games & the Growing Brain

Next week, I'll be publishing an article about how the internet, video games and the media affect the developing brains of our children and teenagers. This article is essential reading for parents, grandparents, teachers and professionals.

For now, start to notice how much time your children spend daily in front of the television, internet or video game console. In fact, keep a log of it.

Until then, I offer you this unique idea for a Valentine's Day gift. It is perfect for a spouse, partner, friend or teen and of course, it's a great gift to give yourself. Purchase before midnight tonight to take advantage of the special offer.

The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

Eat a box of chocolates. Put on weight.

Give flowers. Tossed within a week.

Go to a movie. Nahhh, wait for the DVD.

Give the gift of SBI! to a loved one?

Ahhhh... your significant other will love you forever.

(SBI allows you to build a web business around your existing skills, expertise, passion or hobby. Are you an avid skier, a world traveler, caretaker of aging parents, or gourmet cook? Put your skills and interests to work for you by using them to build a web business that will earn you money and respect.)

This Valentine's Day, dare to be different.

Now's the time. It's the...

"I LOVE SBI! Special $100 Valentine Gift."

No weight gain. No dead flowers.

Just a whole new life, for you AND a loved one.

But hurry! This ends when Valentine's Day ends...

At the stroke of midnight, February 14, 2006.

Watch the brief video to find out more

Very truly yours,

Laura Ramirez

Family Matters Parenting Magazine

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