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The Gift that Keeps on Giving
December 24, 2006
Dear Subscriber

The Perfect Last Minute Gift

This Christmas, give someone special the gift that keeps on giving ...

Give your wife, husband, partner, parent, teenager, sibling, college student or beloved friend a life skilló a tool that will change their life forever and give them a sense of freedom.

It's a gift that gives AND teaches how to make a living on the web.

What I am talking about?

A year-long subscription to a system that will show your loved one how to build a web business that earns money while they sleep.

This system will teach them everything they need to know to make money at home. Perfect for work at home moms, those who are tired of the rat race, students, retirees or anyone interested in following their dreams. Their goal can be as small as to make something extra or as lofty as quitting their j-o-b.

How do I know?

I use this exact system to build my web sites. And I've worked at home for the past eight years.

You don't have to be technical to use this system. In fact, you can create your site by simply typing text into boxes in your web browser.

I've used other web building tools and this is hands-down the best company on the web because they teach you how to think. I've built four web sites using this system and I would stake my reputation on it.

And now, until the stroke of midnight EST on December 25, if you buy a year-long subscription for someone you love, you'll get a second subscription, at no charge!

This means that by giving to someone special, you also give to yourself.

It's the perfect, last-minute gift.

Buy a web site building package for your husband, parent, your teen or your best friend AND get one for yourself. Everything you need is included in the package.

It's the gift that keeps on giving because it is the ticket to a better life.

And now, until the stroke of midnight on December 25, when you buy one for someone special, you'll get one for yourself.

The perfect, last-minute gift.

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Very truly yours,

Laura Ramirez

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