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The Powerful Women Powwow - How to "Be Light"
August 15, 2010

The Powerful Women Powwow - How to "Be Light"

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1. The Powerful Women Powwow
Do Something Special for Yourself


The Powerful Women Powwow

This week I've been listening in on my friend Rose Cole, super spiritual, super smart holistic nutritionist's "High Priestess" training calls, and I wanted to let you know about the amazing program, the Powerful Woman Powwow, she's about to kick off.

So, "What is the Powerful Woman Powwow," you ask?

Let me explain. Rose is conducting a three-month coaching program that--get this--includes a 3-day holistic living luxury retreat in Santa Monica, CA, where you get to work with Rose one-on-one!

It's exclusively for spiritually conscious women who are ready to take their lives to the next level and who want to create positive change for the planet.

And it gets better.

During the retreat, all of your meals are designed by Rose and completely organic. You get things like a 10-day detox kit, blood work, hormone testing, and stress level tests.... You get to do shamanic breathwork sessions, a Human Design Reading (a roadmap to what your purpose, learnings, and highest potential are this lifetime), and a photo shoot with Christina Morassi who is a "shamanic photographer: - way cool. I've never heard of any program like it.

The last time Rose held her Powerful Woman Powwow women flew in from around the world to work with her and they're raving about their experience. They're saying stuff like "I'm in the best physical and spiritual state ever in my life!"

Since you're a hip, spiritually conscious warrioress yourself, ready to make change happen and manifest your dream life, I imagine you'd be perfect for this program. Plus, you'll get to meet and hang out with other super conscious, cool women who "get it." And to be frank, I've come to believe that more than any other factor, the company you spend your time with is the most important influence in creating lasting change. (Hint: which is of course why I

Check Rose out. Right now she's offering 1-hour sessions for free (usually $600) so you can see what you think, but only for the next 9 women because she's about to depart on her honeymoon, so act fast on this chance to speak with a woman who really knows her stuff.

Oh! And ... if you sign up for the program before August 17, (i.e. honeymoon departure) you get a massive discount.

Contact Rose today to get your free call scheduled

Feel free to forward this issue to friends and family if you think it might be helpful. After all, we can all benefit from having more powerful women in our lives.

Until the next issue,

Laura Ramirez, Publisher

Family Matters Parenting Magazine

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