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Raising Children to Be People-Smart
June 25, 2006

The Importance of Raising Children to Be People-Smart

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It has been estimated by the Center for Missing and Exploited Children that 4% of our population are sociopaths—people who manipulate and harm others for personal gain with no feelings of remorse.

How do we protect our children from such people?

I answer this in my book, "Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting."

It is not enough to raise children to be nice people because there are adults out there, ready and willing to take advantage of their niceness. As parents, we must refuse to raise our children to be victims. We must teach them how to see beyond an authority's polish, presentation and credentials to the motives that reveal them.

I am using the principles in my book to raise my children to be people-smart and I am constantly amazed at how psychologically savvy they are. At ages ten and twelve, they really "get" others. I am proud to say that in terms of being people-smart, my children are light-years ahead of where I was in my thirties because I was raised to be nice, rather than trust my instincts.

Listen to my interview on "Raising Children to be People-Smart" on "The Good Life Show" with host Jesse Dylan. The show is on Lime Radio on Sirius Channel 114 and will air live this Tuesday, June 27 from 9-11 am PST. I will be on the 10:30-11:00 time slot. If you are unable to listen live, log on later to
The Good Life Show
and listen to the mp3.

Jesse interivews luminaries like Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Mark Victor Hansen and the like. I am honored to be in such company and to join Jesse in his quest to help maximize human potential.

Announcement: Summer Parenting Series

This summer, I'll be doing a six-part parenting teleseminar series. This means you will be able to attend a parenting class from the comfort of your home, simply by dialing a telephone number and listening in. At the end of each session, I will open up the phone lines to questions. If you are unable to make the call, you can listen to it later, by downloading the mp3 and listening to it on your computer.

In my Summer Parenting Series, you will learn:

• How to create a deep, loving connection with your child.

• How to uncover and respond to your child's deepest needs.

• What to do when your child acts out.

• How to teach your child to make life-affirming choices.

• How to stop yourself when you find yourself yelling at your kids.

• How to engage your child and begin to see inside his heart.

• How to raise your child to be who he truly is and have the courage to unfold the strengths within his heart.

• How to raise children to be people-smart.

• How to overcome negative programming from your upbringing and free yourself to be a true steward of the children.

• How to make parenting into a path of personal growth.

Each participant will get a free copy of my book, Keepers of the Children. If you've already purchased the book, you can give your extra copy to a friend or donate it to your local school or library. The cost for the six-part series is very reasonable (especially in light of other prices I've seen for parenting classes online.)

I will only be accepting 30 people into this first class because I want to be able to answer questions personally. So sign-up quickly because I have already sold a number of seats and the series will be promoted by the upcoming national radio show interviews I will be doing.

To sign-up for the class, go to:
Parenting Class: An Online Parenting Class that will Transform Your Relationship with Your Kids
As part of the signup process, I am asking you to share your deepest concerns about raising children. I want to give you answers to your most important questions and help you with your biggest concerns.

Create a Bonding Experience for Your Child and Friends This Summer

This summer, throw a party for your kids for no reason at all, other than to get together and create a shared experience that will deepen your child's friendships. A theme party is great for this. I have thrown my boys theme parties and had as much fun doing it as they had participating. Although the article below is about throwing a theme birthday party without overindulging the kids, it is perfect for throwing a party just for fun:
A Theme Party with Group Activites is an Excellent Opportunity for Fun & Bonding

Attention: Parents Whose Children Have Been Diagnosed with ADHD

A handful of parents have written me recently to tell me about a holistic supplement that has dramatically improved symptoms of ADHD and ADD. In all cases, the parents have been able to take their children off drugs. This also works for adults. Rather than use drugs, why not try something that is safe, effective and has no side effects. Summertime is great time to try alternatives to what is doled out by the big pharmaceutical companies.

Read my article here:
ADHD Supplement

I don't always get around to publishing my newsletter, but I am always writing and posting new articles to my web site. In the past two months, I have added twenty new articles. To keep abreast of what I am doing, even when I fail to publish my newsletter, subscribe to my rss feed which you can read on MSN, Yahoo or Google. The titles of the articles will appear in your browser and you'll be able to click on the links that interest you. To subscribe, go to:
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Thank you for being my subscriber. Please feel free to forward this newsletter to any of your friends, family or colleagues who might be interested in its contents.

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Laura Ramirez Publisher of "Family Matters Parenting Magazine" Insights into the Core Issues Today's Parents Face

Author of "Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting" Raising Children to Develop their Strengths and Lead Uniquely Fulfilling Lives as Adults

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