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Family Matters - Parenting Difficult Kids & Holiday Special
December 14, 2007

Parenting Difficult Kids & Holiday Sale

In this issue:

1. Holiday Special - a great gift for that special someone who is hard to buy for.

2. Parenting "Difficult" Kids - part of the continuing series of articles on creating a close, loving relationship with your children.


Publisher's Note: I want to thank the many subscribers who have sent me articles from a magazine that has been using material from my book in their articles without giving credit. I have referred this matter to my lawyer.


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    Watch a Quick Video about SBI


    Parenting "Difficult" Children

    Parenting difficult children can be exasperating and overwhelming, but is an opportunity for parents to grow closer to children who they might not feel as bonded with, as they learn how to figure out what their children really need from them.

    In this article, I'll give you tips for raising what I lovingly refer to as "spirited children." (Spirited children are only "difficult" from a grownup's point of view.) As the mother of two children who can at times be quite spirited, my approach is multifaceted and includes increasing one-on-one time, setting firm limits, using behavioral tools (sparingly) and administering supplements that support brain health.

    Read the rest of the article


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    Teach Your Kids How to Manage Finances

    Payjr is an online allowance and chore system for kids. The program is a tool that helps parents manage chore charts and allowances. Once a child turns 13, Payjr offers the optional PAYjr Visa Buxx Card, which allows parents to electronically move money to their teen with the click of a button, then view expenditures and card activity, giving parents peace of mind about how their kids are spending. Teens love the fact that they can upload pictures and design their own card.

    Still paying your teen with cash? Try the PAYjr Visa Buxx Card with no sign-up fee and enjoy the convenience of electronic allowances. Also, check out the link if you're looking for a great way to keep track of children's chores. It's an excellent system for kids and parents.

    I hope you enjoyed this issue.

    Until the next issue,

    Laura Ramirez, Publisher

    Family Matters Parenting Magazine

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