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New Years Resolution - Inspiring Kids to Change
January 04, 2007
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New Years Resolutions - Setting a Precedent for Personal Growth

New Year's resolutions are made and broken each year because people do not know how to properly frame them to effect lasting change.

In the article below (the first paragraph appears in this email and continues on my web site), I guide my children through the process of making a resolution that will help them break behavioral patterns and make new choices. Follow along with me, learn how to make commitments to lasting change and teach your children the process.

New Years Resolution - Helping Kids Change Ineffective Behaviors

by Laura Ramirez

Sticking to a New Years resolution can help you make changes in your life. Making a commitment to change and taking steps toward it, sets a precedent for personal growth in your family, which is an excellent way to inspire your children's development of abilities and consciousness. This past New Year's Day, I taught my boys how to make actionable resolutions that are already helping them to make lasting changes in their lives. Read this article and you'll learn how to empower your children with self-growth tools that will serve them now and in the future.

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