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An Insightful Story
October 26, 2006
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An Insightful Story by a Perceptive Teen

In the story, "Too Late" reader Amanda Gilbank, fictionalizes the outcome of the "coming out" of her sister, who is a lesbian teen.

The reason this story is so significant is that it illustrates why it is essential for parents to look into the hearts of their children and guide their unfolding. As you know, I teach parents how to do this in my book, Keepers of the Children . Amanda's story warns us of the horrifying consequences that can befall our families when we fail to help our children become who they truly are, when we judge them harshly or make them feel less than human because they're different from us. It illustrates the pain of non-acceptance.

Whatever your biases, if you're parent: it is important for you to read this story. I hope it will bring tears to your eyes and open up your heart.

The first paragraph of the story appears below. The entire story appears on my web site.

Too Late

by Amanda Gilbank

17 year old Lily Sanders was dead. No one was blamed, not a word was whispered, but everyone knew who was at fault for Lily taking her own life. Thatís right. Lily committed suicide on the 6th of June, and found beside her body lay her last words, written on a simple scrap of notebook paper:

I am not wrong. I am not evil. I am not the devil.
I am not mistaken, confused, or crazy, either.
My name is Lily.
I am a strong, but sensitive person.
I am kind. I am capable.
But I am also a lesbian.
This is the part of me that can only be seen by you, the
part of me which is ripped to pieces and analyzed by you, all of you.
The world cannot accept me for who I am.
How can I possibly accept who I am?
I will rid the world of one more burden and take my life tonight.
My name is Lily.
Freedom awaits me.

Read the rest of the story

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