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Last Minute Holiday Family Gifts
December 22, 2008

Last Minute Holiday Family Gifts

In this issue:

1. Feature Article: Last Minute Family Gifts

2. Your Turn to Give Parenting Advice


Holiday Gifts for the Entire Family

With the economy the way it is, this year, I've decided to give family gifts, one gift that everyone in the family can benefit from.

If you haven't finished your holiday shopping yet, below are some great holiday family gift ideas:

A 3-Month Subscription to Spiritual Cinema. Send a family gift of meaningful movies and documentaries that will open hearts and minds. This is a great gift and happens to be one of the gifts I sent my mother for Christmas:

Looking for a special gift? Give 3 months of enlightening and inspiring entertainment from Spiritual Cinema Circle. For just $49.95+ S&H.

iTrain Workout Downloads 30% OFF

Give the gift of fitness, a gift that will get the whole family in shape. Since these fitness programs can be downloaded, you can instantly send your purchase to the gift recipients:

ONE DAY ONLY! Save 30% sitewide at iTrain - December 23, 2008. Use coupon code ITRAIN30

For young families: give a copy of my award-winning parenting book, Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting. The book teaches parents how to raise children to develop their strengths and lead uniquely fulfilling and meaningful lives. What better gift can you give your children than the secrets to leading productive lives? Order now and an autographed copy will be sent to a family you care about.

Get Keepers of the Children Now

Or send a gift basket or tin of delicious cookies:

Get 10% off all Christmas cookies & gift baskets. Use coupon code XMAS10A at checkout, now through January 1, 2009.

Hope you found these family holiday gift ideas helpful.


Your Turn to Give Parenting Advice

Jen of South Dakota wrote in with this question. Read it and see if you can offer her some parenting advice:

My boyfriend and I moved in together 7 months ago; we both have children from relationships. He and I have been acquaintances for 5 years, so we both knew about our children when we got together.

We love each other very much, we want to get married, the problem is the kids. His youngest is 18 months old, he takes him 2-3 nights a week. I can't stand his kid. There is a lot of resentment between his mother and I, due to her lying to me about her sleeping with my boyfriend, and trying to get him back while we have been together.

Read the rest of Jen's story by clicking on

Resentment for Stepchild

I hope you enjoyed this issue. In the next issue, you will get to read my article on "Children and Spirituality."

Happy Holidays.

Until the next issue,

Laura Ramirez, Publisher

Family Matters Parenting Magazine

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