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How Is Your Love Relationship Affecting Your Child?
October 02, 2011

How Does Your Love Relationship Affect Your Child?

Do you know what makes children feel most safe?

The loving interactions of their parents. One of children's biggest fears is that their parents are going to end up in divorce. Even little kids know other kids whose "mommy and daddy don't live together."

As such ...

I want to introduce you to a very special couple.

For over 32 years, they have traveled the world teaching people how to create the one thing that can give you more joy and happiness than practically anything else…

Deep Loving Relationships!

They've shared their teachings on Oprah, in their 10 books, and now with YOU.

In this short video series, you will discover their best PRACTICAL advice for attracting and creating the love you desire and deserve.

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This is perfect if you are single and looking for love, or if you are in a relationship you want to grow or improve.

In this first eye-opening video, you will discover:

- Three critical lies nobody ever tells you about relationships---The cost of not knowing these is huge.

- The 1 key inner shift single people need to make and attract lasting love.

- How couples can communicate so that their problems clear up rapidly and easily, without all of the unnecessary suffering.

- How to break past your prior negative experiences in love, so you can manifest the relationship that you've always been looking for.

- Discover how to create openness to having more love and romance in your life by asking yourself these three simple questions---They will simplify your approach and create incredible results.

- Many more great love and relationship insights, tips and information!

You will also receive their personal notes that summarize what you learned, full of specific action steps you can take right now. These notes will make it extra easy to powerfully leverage what you learn in today's video.

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We hope you enjoy what they have to share and wish you lots of love on your personal path.

With Love,

Laura Ramirez Family Matters Parenting Magazine

P.S. After you watch their video, please leave them your comments & questions!

They told me they look forward to reading and replying to them, and their feedback has been great for me, so I'm confident it will be for you.

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