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Family Matters - How to Stop Kids Fighting
October 23, 2007

Kids Fighting - Why Kids Fight and How to Help Them Get Along

This is a continuing series in my articles on helping children development emotional intelligence. Today's article is about kids fighting

Kids Fighting - Why They Fight & How to Help Them Stop

by Laura Ramirez

Does it seem like your kids are always arguing? Does their constant antagonism toward each other affect the sense of well-being in your home? If so, you're not alone. In this article, we'll explore why kids hit and argue and how to help them start to develop the emotional intelligence skills that will help them make better choices and eventually, learn to resolve conflicts on their own.

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Teach Your Kids How to Manage Finances

Payjr is an online allowance and chore system for kids. The program is a tool that helps parents manage chore charts and allowances. Once a child turns 13, Payjr offers the optional PAYjr Visa Buxx Card, which allows parents to electronically move money to their teen with the click of a button, then view expenditures and card activity, giving parents peace of mind about how their kids are spending. Teens love the fact that they can upload pictures and design their own card.

Still paying your teen with cash? Try the PAYjr Visa Buxx Card with no sign-up fee and enjoy the convenience of electronic allowances. Also, check out the link if you're looking for a great way to keep track of children's chores. It's an excellent system for kids and parents.

I hope you enjoyed this issue.

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Laura Ramirez, Publisher

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