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Happy Mothers Day to Women Around the World
May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to Women Around the World

Family Matters Parenting Magazine

... because your family matters more than anything else. In This Month's Issue
1. Happy Mother's Day Wishes
2. Give Yourself the Gift of Personal Growth
3. Your Turn to Give Parenting Advice


Happy Mother's Day Wishes
from Laura Ramirez

Yesterday, I received a Mother's Day card in the mail that made me burst into tears. The card read, "Relax, Play and Just Dream." Inside of it was a gift card for a massage.

Why would such a thoughtful gesture make me burst into tears? Because the woman who sent it to me used to be my neighbor and two years ago, she lost her eldest son to an aggressive brain tumor. But here she was, thinking about me on a day that could have had her crying herself.

When I think about the generosity of spirit involved in such a gesture, I think about what mothers around the world do for their families each and every day.

Although your children and husband may never fully realize all you do for them, all the hard sacrifices you make, always remember this: your reward is in the giving.

Give with joy.

Happy Mother's Day from my heart to yours.


Give Yourself the Gift of Personal Growth

Short of a brain transplant, this is the fastest route available for personal change

Take a moment to check it out.

If nothing else has ever worked for you, this will explain why.


Your Turn to Give Parenting Advice

Pay it forward by giving parenting advice to those in need of help. Or go to our forums and ask your question or give helpful tips about something your family has gone through recently.

Deadbeat Dad

My daughter has always been respectful, well-mannered, and obedient. Lately, she's been missing her dad (he lives in Florida with his new family) and she's been acting out. She's been getting snooty with me.

This past Friday I told her she couldn't go to practice (she's in track), but she went anyway. She didn't get home until 10 p.m. I was terrified, I called her and she wouldn't answer, I texted her, but she wouldn't respond. When she got home she was acting as if nothing was wrong.

The next morning she wrote me a letter, but didn't actually apologize, it was like I feel bad, but it felt good and I'm tired of being a good girl...

Read the rest and give your advice

Feel free to forward this issue to friends and family if you think it might be helpful. Once again, Happy Mother's Day!

Until the next issue,

Laura Ramirez, Publisher

Family Matters Parenting Magazine

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