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Child Abuse Prevention Tips for Parents from Dysfunctional Families
April 27, 2010

Child Abuse Prevention Tips for Parents

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... because your family matters more than anything else. In This Month's Issue
1. Child Abuse Prevention Tips for Parents
2. A Healthy Treat that Tastes Like Ice Cream
3. Your Turn to Give Parenting Advice
4. A Cool Video


Child Abuse Prevention Tips
For Parents from Dysfunctional Homes
by Laura Ramirez

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and with the economy still in a slump, parents are more likely than ever to lash out at their kids, particularly those who grew up in abusive homes. How can parents stop the cycle of child abuse?

Read These 5 Child Abuse Prevention Tips

Make sure to read my article. It has been republished all over the United States. In fact, a producer from CBS recently contacted me to arrange an interview on this topic.

If you are interested in a class on this subject, be sure to reply to this email and give me your first name, last name and email address and I will contact you when the class is ready.


Healthy Ice Cream

Last night, I enjoyed two cups of ice cream without even a twinge of guilt. Why? This ice cream is made from a protein powder that has no sugar, is low-fat and has the taste and texture of ice cream. It's perfect for those who are trying to lose weight for summer, but want to have an indulgent treat every night that will support your weight loss.

I liked it so much (and my kids did too) that I contacted the manufacturer and he offered two packages of the mix (chocolate and vanilla) to all my subscribers. There's no catch here. All you have to do is take care of the shipping which is under six bucks for Priority Mail.

Try it out


Your Turn to Give Parenting Advice

Teen Responsibility

Here's a question from the concerned mother of a teenager who is "doing the minimum necessary."

Are you struggling with the same issues with your teen? While I have successfully gotten my kids through this period, I'd like to hear what other subscribers have to say on this topic:

My 14 year old son makes many promises he does not keep. When he is disciplined for not following through, he blames us rather than himself. He does not seem to learn from his mistakes, even though he gets upset when he makes them. When we ask him why he does not follow through or continues to avoid his responsibilities, he always says "I don't know."

We are concerned that he is not learning to be responsible for himself ...

Read the rest and give your advice


The short video at the web address below was so spooky/cool that it gave me the chills. Take a couple minutes of your time, check it out and get on the waiting list, like I did:

Check it out

Feel free to forward this issue to friends and family if you think it might be helpful.

Until the next issue,

Laura Ramirez, Publisher

Family Matters Parenting Magazine

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