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Become a Better Parent
August 01, 2006

Become a Better Parent

Family Matters Parenting Magazine

Dear Subscriber,

In the fall, I will be doing a six part teleseminar series on parenting. I will focus on these important areas of child rearing:

1. overcoming negative programming from your upbringing, so you don't pass on patterns of dysfunction to your children.

2. creating a closer relationship with your child.

3. the difference between discipline and punishment: how to raise your child to develop the self-discipline to make life-affirming choices on his own.

4. raising your child to have the courage to be himself and develop his innate strengths.

5. how parenting is path of personal growth for the parent and can make you a better, more conscious and loving human being.

Although the five points above are just words, read them carefully and ask yourself, how would it feel to be able to give these to your child? How do you think you would benefit by breaking free of the conditioning from your upbringing and being free to be a better, more responsive and loving parent? How would this benefit you in other relationships and all aspects of life?

At the conclusion of each call, I will answer questions. This is your chance to get your biggest concerns listened to and resolved.

The price for the class is extremely reasonable (given my research regarding how much other parenting classes cost) and of course, the next time I offer this class, it will be more expensive.

To reserve your seat, go to:

Parenting Class

Pay via Paypal (which also accepts credit cards), then go back to the page above and fill out the application. Please answer the questions as honestly as possible. In order to design the parenting teleseminar to address your needs, I need you to speak from your heart.


I invite you to listen to my interview on Peace Talks Radio. Once per year, this radio show which features luminaries from the peace-making field, does a show on parenting. I was delighted that out of all the parenting experts out there, they selected to interview me about my work.

The show will be broadcast across the United States on PBS stations nationwide, but you can also listen to it at your convenience on the web. As part of the show, I spoke about the subtle violence that parents unwittingly commit against their children. This show highlights the importance of fine-tuning our parenting skills, so children grow up to have the courage to be who they are and share their strengths with others. Imagine the kind of world we would live in if more parents raised their children in this way. Imagine this not just for your children, but for all the children of the world.

Listen to the show by going to:

Good Radio Shows

or check with your local PBS affiliate for air times.

*** This week's article:

Natural Stress Relief for Parents

Natural stress relief is essential in today's crazy world. Adults, and in particular parents, need a way to soothe jangled nerves and clenched muscles. Even more importantly, we need a way to connect with our hearts and remind us that the physical world with all it's bright lights, blaring noises and constant demands is only an aspect of our total existence. In this article, we'll explore parent stress relief management and why it is essential to creating a healthy relationship to ourselves, our children, spouses and life itself.

Natural Stress Relief for Parents

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Until next time,

Laura Ramirez

Family Matters Parenting Magazine

Family Matters Parenting Magazine

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