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3 Parenting Styles - a Quick Quiz that Reveals Your Parenting Style
October 18, 2008

Which is Your Parenting Style?

In this issue:

1. Feature Article: 3 Parenting Styles: A Quiz to Reveal How You Tend to Relate to Your Kids

2. A Quick Way to Make a Living on the Internet


3 Parenting Styles

... which parenting style do you use primarily with your kids? In this article, you will be invited to take a quiz and score your answers to find out which mode is your primary parenting style.

After you have added up your test scores and figured out which category most fits you, you'll learn more about the different parenting styles and the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Take the Quiz

If you need the full link to the article above, here it is again:


Worried about the economy, your job and financial future. It may be time for you to take a look at a real way to succeed online, while working from your kitchen table.

Follow the link below to learn about how a grad student went from 20k in debt to making more than seven figures so far this year alone. All from the comfort of his home.

Learn more

I hope you enjoyed this issue.

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