6yr old stepdaughter doesn't want to leave daddy's house

My husband has 2 children from a previous relationship. We have been together for 5 yrs. The girls were 2 and 6 when we met. We have them every other weekend and any other day we have 'permission' to have them. The problem - the youngest, 6 yr old, becomes depressed on Sundays when she is going back to her mothers and it is getting worse.

Now, she tries to hide in the car and won't say hi to her mom and just clings to me or her dad. Tonight she started bawling outright, begging me to take her with us. It is heartbreaking. There is nothing bad going on over there, we asked when this started, and the oldest would surely tell us if there were.

She says she wants to live with us but we are not trying to take her away from her mom. More time would be a solution for the time being. There is no legal custodial agreement due to the fact they were never married. We have been told when they ask to see us, it angers their mother. From other things we are told, and although we have a decent relationship, we don't think she would be open to voluntarily giving us any more time with them. We have little extra money at present to go to court but after some time, we could, but hope it doesn't come to that.

In any case... how do we handle it with the little one? We've talked to her and tried to explain it but it does no good. The oldest doesn't react to the same degree but she says she would like more time over here as well. I tried to look online for advice but all the articles are about when they don't want to go visit Dad...NOT when they don't want to go home to Mom. Has anyone dealt with this before? How can we/I make her feel better?

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