4 yr old son very aggressive, angry. teacher wants an intervention

by Loretta LaPrade
(metuchen, nj)

My son is 4 and the youngest of 4. He is gets upset when he cant do something he is trying to do. If you tell him he has a fit, at school he will get angry when he does something and the teacher tells him the consequences will be he cant be the helper today. He will yell and scream, pull stuff off the walls. When he is not getting his way he has a melt down.

Part of me feels its because he is a boy and the is only 4 and learning. He calls himself stupid, says You hate me dont you, i can do anything right! He is also very spoiled. How do i know if its normal or i need to get him some help? As i said i have 4 kids, work full time and so does dad. Always alot going on, everyone yelling and screaming, arguing and just making it crazy at home. I know he is picking up on all the craziness in the house and we all need to work on that. Do you think that's all it is: HELP.
Loretta rowletta1@hotmail.com

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Sep 25, 2012
Angry Child
by: Laura Ramirez

I understand your concern. It's hard sometimes to know if your child is just going through a phase or if certain behaviors warrant immediate attention. Since your child is disrupting the class and the teacher is requesting an intervention, I think it's time to do something about it. It sounds like your home environment may be contributing to the problem. It's also important to know that if one child is getting his way by constantly acting out, the other children will soon follow suit and then you'll really have chaos. I suggest you check out this behavioral program that will help you to lovingly, but firmly set the limits and teach your child that the world doesn't revolve around him. You may also want to get the teacher on board with the program.

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