20-year old Daughter trouble

by Sam
(So Cal)

My 20-year old daughter blows up if I mention anything about her boyfriend. They have been together for 4 years and he is a nice kid. They only see each other about once per week and sometimes that one day is during the week for yogurt. He lives close by and honestly I don't don't know why they don't go out more.

Anyway, she was telling my youngest son (15) about his recent break-up. She was annoyed that he was still willing and trying to talk things over with the girl he broke up with. Eventually, I chimed in and told her my son needs to work this out with the girl and if he chose to get back with her that is his own choice. He is young and learning how to deal and act in relationships. She is so determined that he should not even speak with this girl and told him once a break up occurs there should be no further communication.

I told her so if you and your BF break-up you will not speak with him from that point? BOOM! She stands up and starts crying yelling why do I have mention his name as an example and that I always do that. I told her why is it that I cannot mention his name in any capacity? I like him and have NEVER brought up his name once in a negative way. I was shocked at her sensitivity over this.

One day later she is still mad. I know she has been raised as a spoiled girl by my wife and myself, but this is ridiculous.

Your thoughts?

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Nov 07, 2015
20-year old Daughter trouble NEW
by: Mike

You mean that you daughter was with her boy friend with 4 years. And now she is 20. She involved a relationship when she was 16. It is very early age. She did this emotionally. She did not the proper meaning of love.That was not a wise decision to involved with physical relationship. It is bad that she did not share about her boyfriend with her father and mother. One thing we should clear that. We did not keep anything secrete in between family members. Any way now she is 20 and she is capable to take wise decision. Her hole life is remaining out their. She should forget his past life which did not give her anything good excluding sorrow and sadness. Why she will care about him where her opponent is not caring.

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