2 year old daughter is up all night

by Adam Miller

I have a question about my 2 year old daughter. plain and simple she isn't sleeping through the night. My wife and i are extremely exhausted and very grumpy! Our 6 year old was up a lot in the night but only because she had chronic ear infections, nothing like this.

Our two year old mostly wakes up every night but for example last night she went to bed at 8 pm and by 1 am she woke up whining. Never really screaming or crying just a whining.

She did that till 4 am and then was ready to get up at 6 am. So she basically only got 5 hours of sleep. Of course today she is tired and clings to the both of us. Here's somewhat of her daily routine.

-7am wakes up
-around 7:30 eats breakfast while watching tv
-8-11am snacks throughout the day (grazer) with tv or play
-12pm lunch
-1 pm nap till 2 or 2:30pm
-2:30-5pm snack with tv or play time
-5pm supper
-6pm snack before bed
-6:30 bath
-around 6:50 pjs,moisturize body
-7pm in bed, rub back, talk to her
-7:30pm sleeping in bed

Thats generally what her day is like. Give or take a little. She does eat a lot but would rather graze all day then just eat big meals. We find she sleeps better at nap time but go figure when you're up all night, by nap time she's tired!!

We don't know what to do? could it be night terrors? could it be teething?(i have noticed where the molars come in, it seems swollen, but we've given her tylenol before bed) is she sleeping to long during naps?

Any advice would really be appreciated!

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Feb 24, 2011
response to my own posting
by: Adam

thanks for your answers. Nice to know somebody else is going through the same.

My daughter seems to be going through the stage wheres shes scared of certain things,noises. I imagine shes going through night terrors. I also did some research and came up with a thought, that she could be getting one of her top two year old molars. She has one already and i remember her going through some difficulty, so it could be that? i checked her mouth(of course with a great fight) and it looks like it might slowly be poking through. other than that i have know idea whats going on. i guess you just have to live through it!!

Feb 24, 2011
I Feel For You
by: Anonymous

Wow, I know just what you are going through. My 15 month old grandson has been living with me since last September and has only slept through the night twice. If it is just the regular fussing in the night and waking up once or twice cause he's a little too wet or wants a bit in his bottle, i'm fine with that, kind of have my body & mind programmed to expect that. But what is hardest for me is the fact that quite often he wakes up out of a sound sleep screaming bloody murder--arms & legs out stiff, like he is terrified of something. Unfortunately this usually happens after he has had a visit with his mother. I've talked to the doctors and different councelors, begging for advice. They all seem to have a different opinion or suggestion, which I've tried all of & none of it seems to work so far.
I wish I had some concrete advice for you, sorry to say I don't though. I just wanted to let you know: I know what you are going through!

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