2 Year old crying uncontrollably at bath time

by Will
(NY, NY)

My 2 year old always loved taking baths until 1 week ago. Now he cries uncontrollably as soon as he knows it's bath time, yells to be taken out and sobs until he is out. Any ideas or solutions? Thanks.

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Jan 13, 2012
Child Cries at Bath Time
by: Laura Ramirez

If your child cries at bath time and this is new behavior, something may have happened to make your child feel frightened of the water. Is there anyone else who bathes the child? If so, ask questions. It could be something that scared the child, something uncomfortable (for instance, even the pain of getting soap in the eyes) or something that happened during bath time (but not necessarily inside the tub, like a startling noise) that the child has associated with taking a bath.

Take steps to comfort your child and slowly help your child feel safe again. Put water in the top and stand outside of it with your child and play in the water with toys ... put one foot in the water, stand in the tub together with your child or sit in the water with your swimsuits on and help your child progressively overcome what has caused him or her to feel uncomfortable or unsafe until the child can be relaxed in the water.

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