11 year old bullies soon to be X step mom, with her fiance right there letting it go on!

He moved me in almost 3 1/2 years ago. He said he was this awesome father who did not want to miss anything! At that time I was a full time student, in the fall I am hoping to start classes, I am praying! Since than he hasn't missed a day from work including weekends, overnight high loads! That's great if you did not volunteer to be a full time parent!

My children are young adults on their quest through life. This was not something I agreed to and I made that clear how important this is to me not to mention the student loan. OMG who is he? His son kept leaving his sister at school so I would have to be the one to be inconvenienced and leave class or not go at all! She was 9 years and no way was or still is not mature enough to stay home alone. Which of course you would think the man would be thankful to get so lucky to have a woman like me!

I cared for his child with her best interest in mind! That's what he babbled about wanting. He felt bad because her mother drugged her and he blew up at her all the time! So that’s what page he wanted us to be on!

His daughter was doing amazing until his son came back to live with us! When he left he was out of control first I taught him how to drive a stick shift that same night no license, he takes off with my car until 130am. His Dad never handled that! Then two days later he buys a truck that sits in the driveway for his son. I talked him in to giving the kid some responsibility and what does his son do leaves for two weeks, just so happens my fiancé had just left for the weekend to do a high load.

I call him and told him his son came home and he needed to come home. Before he left he said take the truck if he comes home! So I get the spare key get in the truck and his son comes out screaming at me to get the f out of his truck! It smelled like and there it was in the ashtray and there is no RX by doc! I talked to his mom and dad and let them know, both said give him the keys! But first he took off with his dad's dodge!

What kind of parents claim to be all that want the best and allow this behavior! Not to mention he has hated me ever since and all I tried to do was give him the responsibility he was crying to me about.

So things get back to normal so to speak. Then he also is on date meet up sites and paid at that! I ask him because he said his sister told him to join the dating sites, and then he tells me she doesn't know about you! Does anyone? So by now I am worried about him being a cheater, never caring about how everything is affecting me! He tells me to get the f out if I don't like it!

Over three years I have been her mother, taking her to doctors, dentist, and school conference! He let verbally abuse me! He always says start over fresh, but that never applied to me! So now I have nothing, and he was going to kick me out on the street with nothing!

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