10 yr old hitting

by jan

My son has just hit a little girl at school who is 2 years younger than him, - they had a disagreement over a stick for den building at break time, and J lashed out and hit her in the face (not with the stick thank goodness). He spent the afternoon with the head, writing a letter of apology to the little girl (not someone I know or the mother, so I can't approach them to apologise again).

Unfortunately it is now Easter break and so the school cannot deal with the situation and it will hang over J throughout the holidays - I'm not sure how to 'shelve' the situation for 2 weeks, or even if I should or can.

J is dyslexic/dyspraxic, possibly aspergic - but the school aren't thinking of assessing him further - I have asked. He has had violent outbursts in the past - but not of this degree of seriousness.

We moved house a year ago, his last school had a huge blame culture due to a poor head (not just me being paranoid), and though he's taken time to settle, he has lately seemed more settled, both at home and school. His parents evening earlier this week was positive, and now this.

What do I do? Push the school for further assessment? Wait for the school to act? Inflict my own punishment and then for it to be added to by the school?

I am so cross with J at the moment, I'm not sure if I can think straight. I feel so sorry for him too - he genuinely tries hard at school, but he has a temper he can't seem to button down all the time.

Any help appreciated

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